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Amin Machine with many years of experience in designing and manufacturing of packaging machines, is ready to provide services. This company with utilizing the updated knowledge, years of experience and expert staff can be a good partner for you to start, develop and exploit your factory.

Which industry do you work in?

Can you choose from the following industries in which you work? We have the right solutions for each of them. Our effort has been to provide you with a complete packaging line for the food, detergent, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. However, in other industries we also have general machinery. In each of the following industries, we suggest you to visit us for further details.

Which machine do you need?

Complete segmentation of packaging machinery

We have a special machine for each section of packaging. Which one do you need? we have powerful design and manufacture departments. So we can prepare the machines with the good efficiency and cost according to your need. Accordingly, we have prepared a complete set of packaging machines. Filling, seal, capping and labeling are some of the most widely used machinery in the packaging industry. We are with you for the right choice.

Our Services

Together with the production team, we have three experienced teams of consultants, designers and after-sales service providers to help us become a top-notch company. They are all on your side to get the most out of the machines. Our first recommendation is to use you free consulting services. Our first recommendation is to use a free consulting service to make the best choice in quality, efficiency and cost. After that the design and manufacturing units will arrive and you will finally be comfortable with our after-sales service.


Packaging is an industry with many developments. Bottles with new geometric shapes and materials, labels are profoundly different from the past and even consumers are much more concerned with packaging issues. All of these tell us that packaging machines must have high quality and flexibility. These do not come up except in a successful company with a powerful design department which understands customer’s need and provide an optimal solution. Our design department is aware of these items and is trying to provide the best solutions to meet your needs.


If you ask someone with a factory management experience, they might tell you about many mistakes they have made, especially in choosing the proper machines. A lot of these mistakes could be prevented by having a wise consular. We can discuss your needs and problems in packaging industry. We are ready to investigate your problems and provide the best solutions.

After Sail Services

Certainly one of the distinguishing points between companies is after sail services. After reviewing different areas and customer’s requirements we have decided to make these services in a long term condition. We have been around the world and some of our professional staff are in regular contact with companies from different regions, including Afghanistan and Iraq. This is how we are absolutely capable to get our services to you in the shortest time and take an important step in customer to satisfy our clients.

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