Chemicals, maybe we don’t like their names. But we know that in today’s world, they are a great help in improving living conditions. Toxins and fertilizers are present in agriculture and gardening. They have an important effect on human food supply. We also use them to eliminate insects in residential environments and workplaces. Car maintenance is not possible without the use of engine oils and antifreeze. All of these represent a thriving market for these products.

Engine Oil

Engine oils are liquids of ordinary concentration. You need liquid filling, capping and labeling machines to package them. Their filling machine is mostly linear but you can also use rotary in high capacity. Mostly labels are self-adhesive. Of course sleeve shrink labels are a good option. The caps are always round. So you need a round capping machine.

Toxin & Fertilizer

Chemical toxin and fertilizer that are in liquid or powder form. So you need liquid or powder filling machines depending on the type of material. For liquids, you also need a capping and a labeling machine. In the case of powder If you package them in nylon bags you just need a powder filling machine. Also, if you fill the powders in the bottle you need a capping and a labeling machine.

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