Detergents are products that haven’t been in the past, but we can’t live without them today. Surely these products have had an impact on prolonging human life in recent decades and enhancing health. They cover a wide range of products, from shampoos and cleansers to bleach. Amin Machine Group offers several machines to package them. They are include liquid fillers (according to this industry standards), capping, labelers and also tanks and mixers for packaging them. And we also use single-pack (sachet) for these materials.


You will find body and head shampoos in various types with different fragrances. In their packaging line you see tank and mixer, concentrated liquid filling, capping and labeling machines. You can use the Sachet machine for single packing.


Depending on the production capacity, the machines will also have different capacities. Fillers can be linear or rotary. The capping can also be linear or rotary. However, they are all rounded type. The labels mostly are self-adhesive and, in some cases, they are sleeve shrink.

Washing Liquids

washing liquids are similar in concentration to shampoos. On the other hand, their packaging is a bit different. For example, unlike shampoos, these liquids are also packed in large three and four liter bottles. Therefore, for their packaging we need liquid filling, capping and labeling machines as well as tanks and mixers.


The fillers can be linear or rotary depending on the capacity. Of course, it is suitable for low capacities of linear machine and for higher capacities of rotary device. capping machines can be linear and rotary like fillers. Most of the time the labels are self-adhesive and some choose the sleeve shrink label.

Washing Powders

Washing powders for clothing, containers and surfaces (metal and ceramic) are the major products of this industry. You need powder filling to pack them. We can pack them in bottles or nylon packs. If you want bottle packaging, you also need capping and labeling machines. When choosing nylon packs, you need a special roll and a powder filling into nylon bags.

Surfaces Cleaner

Surfaces Cleaners are dilute liquids that are used to clean different surfaces, especially glass. Their main difference with other products in this industry is their packaging. This difference is due to the geometry of the bottles and their cap. Their cap is the trigger cap type. Common labels in these products are two popular types of labels. self-adhesive and sleeve shrink. Tanks and mixers are also present on their packaging lines.


We use bleaching liquids to remove stains. Their main characteristic is corrosion. Corrosion is a property that can destroy metals. On the other hand, we make most of the machinery components from metals. So we need special machines to pack them.


As for the filling machines, we have to cover them with durable polymeric materials. Because there is no metal that can withstand their corrosive properties for a long time. This is a bit more complicated for tanks and mixers. We need to make them entirely from polymer. Conditions are a little better for other machines. Because they do not have direct contact with corrosive materials.

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