Food Industries

An important part of the household basket is the food industry. For convenience, we have divided it into important parts such as mineral water, beverages, dairy and others. Each of these needs its own machinery for packaging. The type of packaging and the material that be packed are two major factors in determining the mechanisms of the machine. In addition to these two factors, the production capacity parameter also has a direct effect on machine design and cost.

Mineral Water

Mineral water is one of the most consumed products in the food industry. Also it has a large share of food sales. Competition to gain market share has made manufacturers to diversify their packaging. There are three main package types for mineral water. They are Bottles and Barrels made of preforms, pre-made mugs and cups made of polymer rolls by the Form Fill Seal machine. we can design and manufacture the suitable machines for all of these packaging.


Beverages unlike mineral water are very diverse. Juices of different flavors and concentrations, pulp-free or pulped, syrups, beer and carbonated drinks are among them. This large variety has made us see different machines in this industry. Packaging containers and labels and even caps are highly versatile, each requiring its own machinery. High quality machinery with the right container and label can provide a great package.


We all know dairy and most of us use milk and its products. Also we see their attractive packaging in supermarkets. The highest diversity in the food industry is related to dairy products. They include liquids such as milk and semi-solid substances such as yogurt and solids such as cheese and butter.

Due to the variety of dairy products, there is the highest variety of machinery in this industry. We can use  all kinds of liquid fillers, as well as seal and labelers.  The machines such as Form Fill Seal is also present in the industry. It should be noted that tanks and mixers play an important role in the production of dairy products.

Honey, Jam, Stuffing and Sauce

Foods like honey, jams, pickles, sauces etc. make up this portion of the food industry.  They are delicious liquids and, of course, thick. So we require a special mechanism to fill them. Most caps have a diameter of more than five centimeters. For this reason, their capping machine are slightly different from those of ordinary. Their labels are mostly Self-Adhesive and sometimes Sleeve Shrink. The Shrink Pack is a widely used machine in this industry. Also we use tanks and mixers especially for pasteurization.

Sugar, Salt, Spices and other edible powders

we use salt, sugar, spices and other edible powders to taste.  Filling them requires a powder filling machine. You can fill them into bottles or nylon bags, each with its own machine. If you fill them in a nylon bag, you do not need a labeling and capping machine. If you fill them in the bottle, you will need a capping and labeling machine. Powder mixer can also be of great help to you.


Cocoa and chocolate alone make up an undeniable share of the food market. They can be in liquid, powder, or chocolate beans. This means that we need all three major types of fillers in this industry. Depending on the type of bottles, packaging lines use capping and labeling machines. also we see widely use Tanks and mixers in all chocolate factories.

Edible Oil

Edible oils such as olive oil, sesame, sunflower and etc.. Liquids whose concentration is lower than honey and higher than water. We package them in pet or glass bottles. This means that their packaging lines need to liquid filling, round capping and labeling machines. The tanks and mixers are definitely with you in this way.

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