Pharmaceutical is an important industry for human health. Also a lucrative industry for manufacturers. Packaging lines in this industry employ a wide range of machines. Factories all produce with the high capacity. Important point for machines is the strict standards of healthcare organizations. Amin Machine has been able to apply these standards to its products.

The products of this industry are very diverse. Tablets, capsules, medicinal syrups and vials along with serums are part of these products. We have machines for packing syrups and vials with exacting standards.


The vial is a small glass bottle and we use it to hold the medicine. The drugs inside it are either liquid or powder. So depending on the product, we need  liquid or powder filling machines. Also, the vial cap is a special type that needs a special capping machine. If we want to label this small glass bottle, we need to have special mechanisms installed on the machine.

Medicine Syrup

We have known medicine syrups since childhood with their bitter taste. liquids with medium concentration that for packaging them we need to liquid filling, capping and labeling machines. Their caps are round so we need a round capping machine. also, in this industry labels always are self-adhesive type.

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