The capping machines consists of two main sections. The first part places the cap on the bottle and the second part closes it on the bottle. We classify the capping machines according to the type of caps. we have two main types of caps for packaging containers based on the geometry of the caps as well as how they are closed. They are round caps and trigger caps. We also make these machines rotary or linear based on production capacity. In rotary type we usually design and prepare them with the filling section in one structure.


For the round caps, we design a special machine to suit any size and diameter. Also in the closing section, we have to make a head for each diameter. The sorting part sorts the caps and places them on the bottles. After that, the torsion part closes the cap tightly to the bottle. We determine the capacity of this machine according to the filling machine.

Trigger Cap

Unlike the round type, trigger cap machine has no head and has a special mechanism for closing the caps. This machine does the capping work by rotational rollers in the direction of bottle movement. We determine the capacity of these machines based on the capacity of the filling machine. They are linear and can close up to six thousand bottles per hour.

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