Liquid Filling

The liquid filling machine consists of several main parts. 1- Structure that holds the other parts in place. 2- The tank that holds the liquid in question. 3- Nozzles that perform the task of discharging liquids into bottles. 4- Equipment that control bottles on the conveyor at different stations.

Filling machines use different mechanisms to do their task. The parameters that affect them are: Liquid concentration, the temperature at which the liquid enters the nozzle and capacity of production.

Linear Liquid Filling

We call these machines linear fillers because of the movement of bottles on the conveyor in the straight path. we deliver the containers to the machine at the beginning of the conveyor. They stop during two or three stages. In one of these steps, the bottles lie just below the nozzles and they drain the liquid into the bottles.

As mentioned above, liquid concentration is an influential parameter on the nozzle operating mechanism. The number of nozzles is variable. We determine them according to production capacity. They can range from one to sixteen. If you need more nozzles, we suggest you rotary filler.

Rotary Liquid Filling

Rotary liquid Filling are machines with high speed and precision. Their main difference with the linear machine is that the bottles move non-stop along the way. The number of nozzles in this machine is more than linear type. They can have from eight to thirty-two nozzles. They have another very good advantage. We can integrate the capping section with the filler into one machine.

Corrosive Liquid Filling

corrosive liquid Filling machines, as its name implies, is especially for liquids with corrosive and acidic properties. They can destroy any metal. Therefore, for these machines all parts must be covered with polymeric materials. This will extend the life of the machine. The mechanism of bottles movement is linear. As a result, they have the characteristics of linear devices. For example, the number of nozzles can reach up to sixteen.

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