Form Fill Seal

Form Fill Seal

The Form Fill Seal is a machine with very high capabilities. A device that alone forms a complete packaging line. All we need is two rolls. The first roll is polymer and the machine makes the containers from it. The second roll is aluminum and simultaneously plays the role of seal, cap and label. After making the containers, it does the filling. Then the machine seals them. At the end it puts the packages in a carton. A human or a robot can do that.

This machine is suitable for high capacity packaging lines. It can also pack any product. The products we mainly pack with this machine include: Mineral water, chocolate, jam, honey and all kinds of desserts. Also packages of honey, jam, butter, cheese are the products that we pack with this machine.

Form Fill Seal

As mentioned above, the Form Fill Seal alone is a complete packaging line. This machine has several main parts. First, the part that makes the containers from the polymer roll. This makes them warm and ready to form first. Then it forms the containers with the molds we have installed on the machine. It then fills the products in containers. It then seals the containers using aluminum roll. This aluminum coating plays both the role of the seal and is known as the cap of the containers.

We can use this roll instead of the label. In this case, we must pre-print the label design we want. After these tasks, cuts are done. This way the containers that were in roll are separated. Now we have bottles that we made, filled and sealed.

Cartooning Robot

Cartooning robot puts containers prepared in the Form Fill Seal into carton. We can do this with human resources as well. But it is good to know that due to the high capacity of the Form Fill Seal machine it is actually very difficult. The cartooning robot lifts the packages from the conveyor and inserts them into the carton. We consider this robot’s speed to be exactly in line with the Form Fill Seal machine.

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