In today’s world, the role and importance of the label in the packaging industry is undeniable. In supermarkets, customers look at packaging carefully. Labels are very effective in their selection. There are different types of labels. We have identified three popular types. To glue them, we have designed and manufactured machine tools in models. These three types include self-adhesive, sleeve shrink and OPP. Each of them has features that you can choose from depending on the product.


Self-adhesive labels are one of the oldest types of labels. We all deal with them in our daily live. We widely use them in the packaging industry. After designing and printing (roll) we mount them on the machine. Our colleagues at the training department will teach you how to mount the roll.

As the bottles pass over the conveyor, the machine glue the labels to the containers. Those can attach one, two, three and even four labels to bottles. There are three factors in labeling. They are the dimensions of the bottle and label as well as the shape of the bottle (round or flat).  These affect the mechanisms required by the machine.

Sleeve Shrink

Sleeve Shrink Labels are relatively new. One of their obvious advantages is that they can surround the bottle around without restriction in the geometry of the container. This is not possible for Self-adhesive and OPP labels. Their other advantage is that they can enclose the entire height of the bottle even from the bottom of the container to the top of the cap. This is also not possible for other labels.

An interesting application is that we can put them on the cap to form a seal. The machines of this type of label consist of two parts. They are the transition label and the thermal tunnel. We can provide the thermal energy of the tunnels by electricity, steam or gas.


OPP is the cheapest type of label. Low cost is certainly their biggest advantage. We usually use them for high capacity products with low profit margins. Mineral water, carbonated beverages, deltas and edible oils are products that we use this label in their packaging lines.

The OPP labels surround round the bottle. The machine attaches the head and end of the label with some glue. This way the label stays on the container. Along with the cost issue that has made this label very affordable, also there is a limit. We can only use them for round bottles.

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