Seal is an important part of the packaging process. Its main purpose is to ensure that microorganisms do not enter packages. Accordingly, the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries are the major consumers of seal machines. There are different types of floods. Of course there are various machines for this purpose. The Amin Machine offers two widely used types.

Sealing machines operate in such a way that during a heat transfer process, the coating adheres to the edge of the container. In this task, we need a material that melts with heat. After melting, like liquid glue adheres to the veneer and edge of the container.

There are different types of coatings of sealing. They can be one or more layers. They can also be polymeric, aluminum, or a combination of the two with a layer of cardboard. They can also be pre-cut or rolled. Depending on the product and production capacity, we determine the type of coating and the machine required.


In induction mode, electromagnetic waves perform heat transfer task. Therefore, there is no need for mechanical contact between machine components and containers. On the other hand, the transmission of energy by electromagnetic waves is very fast (Like heating food in the microwave). Accordingly, the speed of these machines is very high. In high-capacity factories, such as the milk factory, they must use induction type.


In thermal type, metals perform heat transfer task. The coatings are mainly roll and made of aluminum. Depending on the material of the container (glass, metal or plastic) the coatings are single or multi layer. Glass and metal containers require a coating of at least two layers. One of the two must be polymer to be melted by heat. After melting, this layer acts as a glue between the container (glass or metal) and aluminum (laminated).

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